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Experience the energy of a Spirit Gathering!

Preparing for your Spirit Gathering:

*Gather a minimum of 10 guests. Maximum of 15 guests.

*Host/Hostess collects $40 per guest.

*Readings are about 12-15 minutes.

*Home or Office location should be calm and without any stress or distractions.

*All guests should be present prior to Carol's arrival.

*Let your guests know they can bring trinkets that have sentimental value.

*Notebooks and writing utensils are recommended.

*White unscented candles are good sources of energy. Carol is allergic to scented candles.

*If you would like to share symbolic energy at the end of your gathering, set out a pitcher      of water for us to share.  Water is another source of energy.  

*If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please kindly let Carol know so she can offer the appointment to someone else due to high demands.

A Spirit Gathering brings friends and family together to share their readings in a circle. Your guests can have private readings as well, if you have a spare room available.

Group Discussion
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