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You Can Talk To Spirit!

Yes, it's true. Dowsing Rods might be able to find water in the desert but they are also used to speak to spirit! This set of SPIRIT HUNTER dowsing rods is one of my favorites, we also carry Local handmade sets at my office but this set comes with a case, which means, when you are done with your session, the rods are to be stored away and the energy is turned off.

Practice makes perfect so don't get frustrated, just keep learning how to use the energy to get the conversation going. Yes and No answers can give you the peace your looking for or the information that can propel you to the next greatest life experience!

I also recommend DOWSING FOR BEGINNERS:HOME STUDY COURSE. This book has proven to be an excellent resource and a wonderful teaching tool for those who feel this could be their calling or just a tool to communicate with family members and friends on the other side. Treat yourself and enjoy!


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